Korean Language Studies

  • Do you want to learn Korean?
  • Do you have business relationships overseas?
  • Are you going to travel?
  • Do you have family with a Korean background?
  • Are you interested in getting closer to Korean culture?

There are many reasons to want to learn the Korean language. Be it culture, business, or simply for fun, Korean is a very interesting, expressive, and unique language. However, even though Korea is one of the top 20 economies in the world, and the Korean people live all over the world, it is a language harder to find quality teachers in. While Spanish, French, Chinese, and others have risen in popularity and opportunities to learn are widespread, Korean becomes mostly available at University level education, or in corporate business circles which have a much higher cost to learning.

We want to make the beautiful language of Korean more accessible, and not only that, help our students learn to actually speak it effectively!

안녕하세요! Annyoung Hasaeyo! I am Heeyeon and welcome to a great place to learn the Korean Language! I am a native Korean that has made the Twin Cities in Minnesota my new home. If you are interested in learning this wonderful language drop me a line, and we can discuss the best way to learn that fits your specific situation. Otherwise, check out all the info on this site and keep your eyes open for more as I am going to add some material to help you learn Korean!

If you are interested in some real Korean studies, I will be glad to be your teacher and also develop a custom program that helps you no matter what experience you have or don’t have in the Korean language. It is a beautiful language, packed with deep emotion and heart, and I am sure you will learn this as you continue your Korean studies.

Whether you are……

  • Traveling to Korea and just want to learn some basic sayings, or
  • You have family with a Korean connection, or
  • You need to study to develop your business relationships overseas, or
  • You have been getting into the Korean wave and watching LOTS of K-dramas & K-pop and are tired of reading subtitles, or
  • You want to study for fluency

…..I will help you learn some real insight into the language that you can’t get out of a book!!!

We can schedule a time that is flexible to fit your schedule, so if you are interested go the CONTACT section of the site, fill out some info, and we can go from there!

MyKoreanTeacher.com – Korean Language Lessons
in the Minneapolis, St. Paul greater Twin Cities area