Immersion Format

Do you want to learn the fastest way to actually be able to communicate in the target language? Well, that’s my goal, so I use an immersion style format for classes! While learning from books and spending a lot of time on grammar helps one “learn” something about the target language and you might be able to pass some tests, when it comes time to actual speaking with real life people, most students that have used those traditional methods simply freeze up. Not only does nothing come out of your mouth clearly, but it is hard to even understand what is coming out of the other person’s mouth too!

Learning language or any skill or art requires real life experience and practice. There is no way for one’s brain to go through a “translation” process at the same time you need to listen and respond back in a timely way. Just like children don’t learn language through books, the immersion method will get you comfortable learning and actually speaking from day 1. Over time, as you build vocabulary and language structures, you will feel naturally at ease with using Korean because with the immersion methods (along with supplemental materials). You will also have tons of real experience to draw from which helps break away from the book learning freeze when it comes to your real interactions with real life Korean speakers.

Depending on your level, I try to move close to a 80-90% use of Korean during the lesson. As you get going and used to this format, we can probably use Korean for almost everything and you will be learning in leaps and bounds! Please don’t be intimidated by this though, as I make classes fun and engaging so that you will pick up the needed meaning and structures in ways that will sink in for your long term use.

I also have a number of supplemental materials and pictures for use during class, along with materials for you to practice in your time away from class too.

Ready, Set, Go! Time to Learn Korean!