Class Options

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to learn Korean as we can tailor lesson plans directly to your situation. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, can get by a little, or are working toward fluency, I have a bunch of ways to keep the focus on your needs and the material to match your situation. Through direct one-on-one lessons we can practice the material so you get thoroughly comfortable with the language and can then use anywhere! I also can help arrange some homework and outside practice for you as well. That way we can meet once a week (or more), and you can spend some outside time practicing and studying so class sessions can move through more material faster.

Small Group Classes

Have some friends or family that want to learn? It’s always fun to be learning with others! Price is a little more ($15 per person additionally), however, getting some time in to practice outside of class with people you care about can really increase the speed and depth of your language acquisition.

Once you have a group arranged we can setup a slot for your specific needs!

***I do not currently offer open public classes as I prefer to tailor specific lesson plans and language development for each student(s) need.  This kind of personalization REALLY helps my students get much better results compared to other approaches!