About Me

I am a native Korean who was born in and grew up in Seoul. I moved to the Twin Cities in January of 2006 and started teaching private and small group Korean lesson. I have helped a bunch of people learn the language here in America through an immersion style format – it is very effective to learn how to truly speak and communicate with others this way.

I also spent a couple years working for Berlitz International as one of the primary online Korean Instructors. This was a great experience as I helped many business professionals get a better grasp of the language for real life use.  I also taught at St. Olaf University as an ad hoc instructor for 5 years for their expanded language program.  And I have also studied Korean language instruction at Kyunghee University and graduated from that program in 2012.  Of course I am still continuing to develop better ways of helping people according to their specific level and goal too!

I love teaching Korean!